Trade Show Packages

Xecure Vaults Logistics

Trade Show Packages

Xecure Vaults Logistics’s Trade Show Division provides tailor-made services for exhibitors attending jewellery trade shows and exhibitions. Our comprehensive basket of services includes secured and swift transportation to and from industry trade shows and exhibitions, secured storage at shows where available and more. 

For one-off exhibitions, special events and other occasions, our dedicated show team is on hand to create a tailor-made solution for all logistical and security requirements.

In addition, Xecure Vaults Logistics can arrange At-Show insurance for our shipping customers with underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. Certificates of insurance for shipments are available upon request. 

These can be issued per shipment, or on an annual basis depending upon the needs of your company, or even your clients. Certificates are fully authorized by our underwriters and are issued by our in-house insurance brokers.

Trade Show Packages

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